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If you are looking out for an effective water filter, settle on nothing but the best undersink water purifier. It should be one which not only guarantees the quality of water but should also be easy to use and economical to maintain.

Now, while there are thousands of variants of water purifiers available in the market; you have to be a little careful in making your choice. This is important for guaranteeing choosing the best undersink water purifier.

Here’s a quick checklist which can help you make this decision.

1. The first and foremost requirement for the best undersink water purifier is that it should be capable of eliminating practically all types of contaminants. Chlorine, drugs, pesticides, shampoos, deodorants, bacteria, virus, algae, cysts, lead, asbestos are just a few examples of the contaminants present in our tap water.

To ensure that a single purifier takes care of all these different types of impurities, typically what you need is a Multi stage water purifier which being based on more than one filtration technique, is capable of effectively removing all types of contaminants and producing water which is 99% clean, pure and safe.

2. Make sure that the system you are choosing does not strip off the essential mineral content present in natural water. These minerals like Calcium, Potassium, Sodium, Best RO water purifiers in India etc. are required for the day to day functioning of our body. Consuming water rich in them is the most effective way of ensuring their regular supply; which makes it all the more important for your purifier to keep this vital content as it is during filtration.

3. While these systems are available in both variants – over the counter and under the counter or under sink as we call it; I personally prefer under sink ones. This is so because this way they do not eat up the kitchen space. They are also protected from manual accidents like spilling of oil and so are usually more durable and last longer than their counter top variants. Whatever your choice is, make sure it is easy to install, maintain and use.

The good Multi stage water purifiers are available at a reasonable price and provide 1 gallon of pure water at something less than 30 cents! They are hence rightfully acclaimed the best undersink water purifier which can provide an unlimited supply of best quality water for peanuts.

So wait no longer. Use this information and do some basic research to finalize the right water purification unit for your home. I hope you find the best undersink water purifier pretty soon; good luck!

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