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Java is proven to be much more superior to any other programming language mainly because of its platform independent features. Unlike C or C++, Java uses a special technology which is directly responsible for its platform independent functionalities. This is known as the Java virtual machine which creates a bytecode and from that an intermediate class file which can run on any machine which has the Java virtual machine on it. Another great feature about Java is that it does not support pointers like C, which can solve all the issues regarding computer viruses. Java boasts all the prime object characteristics like inheritance, encapsulation, abstraction and polymorphism which can be used to implement an extensive range of problems. The memory and time management for each program are also very organized and well-maintained. For the users, the software developers can also include a variety of attractive graphics, which was never possible for C or any other 16 bit computer language.

With Java comes the concept of class, which is very much different from the structures in C. This is basically because of the fact that, a class can support several features like data hiding and you can even declare a class to be an abstract one. Reusability of certain areas in the source code, is also important when it comes in dealing with large projects. With features inheritance, a programmer can reuse his Java Homework Helpdata whenever and wherever they need these predefined codes. They can also add a number of variables and methods in all places without any restrictions. There is also another noticeable feature of Java. Java makes sure that each and every variable and objects which are created by constructors, are deleted after the program finishes its execution. In simpler words, Java boasts a mechanism for automatic garbage recovery and therefore restores the memory back to the heap. To add spice in the story, Java also enables a programmer to create software which can run on any real-time systems of several embedded devices like cellular phones. Many high definition games and useful applications are developed using Java programming language. Being an open source programming language, it enables a programmer to download the source code and implement it as per their requirements. Java also allows a student to learn about the original source code of Java. Indeed, Java is responsible for converting the virtual world behind the computers into reality.

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