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Each week, I receive a handful of emails from the disabled looking for free dental care. Many have Medicaid to cover medical expenses but lack any coverage for basic dental care. Fortunately, I have a few suggestions which may help!

Look for free dental clinics in your area. Each state is loaded visit clinics offering both medical and dental Care 2 Stay although some only offer dental. How can you find free dental clinics? Search the internet for ‘cheap dentisit’ and ask friends and family. The search results will reveal sites that provide a list of clinics. Each clinic on one site has been manually verified and contacted for accuracy. In addition, the owner of the site participates in various forums and not-for-profit organizations to gather more information to assist those in need.

Contact a local support group related to your disability. Many support groups maintain a list of medical and dental clinics for various reasons. If your particular support group does not have information, consider checking with another group perhaps in a different a city. In addition, you might consider checking with a group unrelated to your disability.

Visit a church! Churches are a great source for support. Chances are that doctors, dentists and many other professionals go to your local church. You may not recognize them standing next to you, but they are there and most likely willing to help. I personally know dentists who volunteer time to free dental clinics, and I suspect others throughout the country do the same.

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