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What exactly is a eBook viewer? Its a electronic book or actually a electronic library. eBook viewers or some people call them eBook readers allow you to read and keep books in a very small little device.

Different models are available, the Amazon Kindles come in 3 different versions.

  1. Kindle-first generation
  2. Kindle 2
  3. Kindle DX

The Kindles were released in that order, all have quickly become the eBook viewer of choice for people that like to read. eBook viewers allow you to download almost any book and any books you may want in the future in a small compact device that reads like a book. Your Kindle will keep all of your books safe. Not one book at a time but an entire library of books can all be kept safe inside your Kindle.

Kindle also lets you subscribe to News Papers and Magazines, but instead of going outside to get your paper you just pick up your Kindle, your paper is delivered bright and early in the morning.

The first 2 versions of the Kindle weighed about 10 ounces and the latest version the Kindle DX is much larger, it weighs in at 19 ounces. Kindles are very thin and portable with a thickness of about 1/3″, like the thinkness of a pencil. Very portable and easy to take with you anywhere you go.

Probably the most notable difference between Amazon’s Kindles and other eBook viewers is the fact that Kindles are wireless! These eBook viewers are great because they can hold a ton of books allowing you to take your entire collection with you everywhere you go. Vacations, plane rides or even take advantage of your Kindle while waiting at the doctors office. If your Doctor makes you wait, just read some of that book your working on.

Now back to the wireless, Having a eBook viewer is great because you can take up to 3500 books or newspapers or magazines anywhere you go, but you have to get the books or whatever inside of your eBook viewer. The Amazon Kindles do that wireless and they are the only ones that do.

If you are on Vacation or anywhere a cell phone would have coverage, a new book to read is only a couple of clicks from being on your screen and ready to read.

If you have a Kindle and want to get a new book to read all you have to do is click on the menu button, scroll down to book store. At the book store you can search for any of over 375,000 books that Amazon offers and easily search by author or title or browse different categories until you find one you want.

Now if you want you can click on read review, get a feel of what that book is going to be like and decide if that’s really the one you want or not. If you decide that you want that book, all you do is click on buy now, in less than 60 seconds its on your screen and ready to be enjoyed. No cables or computer needed!

Did you know that Amazon is the worlds largest book store? Amazon has a goal to have every book ever produced available at their online book store and they are adding more titles to timeviewer inventory every day.

Amazon had a vision while designing their Kindle eBook viewers. Not only did they want to make the best unit by far, but even more important than that was for you to forget you are reading on a Kindle. What I mean by that is they want you to get lost in your book the same way you would if you were reading a paper printed book.

When you are reading a good book it doesn’t take too long before you are into the story and not thinking about the book. Amazon has done a great job as I find that a couple of minutes into my book my mind is in book land, I quickly become unaware of the fact that I’m reading on a Kindle.

Kindles use a new technology for their display called “electronic Ink” or Eink for short. Unlike computers or cell phones, the display doesn’t make your eyes tired and eye strain is non-existent. It just doesn’t happen!

The Eink display looks just like a printed book and can be read in bright sunlight with no problem. Just like reading a paper book in low lighting though, you will need a light to read as there are no lights on a Kindle.

I think Amazon has done a great job designing their eBook viewers and I think you will too!

As you can probably tell I absolutely Love my Amazon Kindle! When you get something new that you really like its hard not to tell everyone about it. The Kindle is that new thing for me and I’m telling everyone about it.

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