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The Law of Attraction is a popular phenomenon that promotes the theory that you can attract anything you want into your life by thinking about it. Now, this is a 30,000 foot view of the Law of Attraction, because upon closer inspection, there are many other factors that are needed to insure success for manifesting what you want into your life. Religious fundamentalists have criticized the Law of Attraction because of its emphasis on seeking material possessions and because it seems like the Law of Attraction places the power of creation solely upon the individual, as opposed to God, which is not a concept embraced in fundamentalist religious ideology.

The Law of Attraction gained its popularity by the huge success of the book and movie, “The Secret”. If you use only “The Secret” as an argument against the Law of Attraction due to the movie/books simplicity of LOA (Law of Attraction) principles and the hedonistic tone of the movie, I might have to agree. But, the true value of “The Secret” was the mass exposure the book/movie provided to the general public about the concept of LOA. Before the “The Secret” was produced, the idea itself of being a participant in your own life design was totally alien. There is no doubt that the prevailing attitude of our current culture, whether you’re religious or not, is that we are all victims in a tough world, and I thank “The Secret” for opening the door of opportunity to see the world differently.

The initial first look at the principles of the Law of Attraction in “The Secret” was a good introduction, but ironically the true principles of the Law of Attraction have been around for over 2000 years, in fact, they were taught to us by Jesus. The Law of Attraction, when studied deeply and from a metaphysical level, is really an opportunity to live our lives the way that Jesus taught us to do, infinitely and abundantly.

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” (Matthew 6:33)

At first glance, Jesus words above might imply that we have a huge task to fulfill before we can get to the good part for us, (things added unto you). But perhaps the above words from Jesus holds more to it than we thought possible before.

Many traditional religions teach that life is successful, happy, fulfilling, etc., or not, by the manner in which we conduct ourselves according to the religious rules/principles, and by doing so, we create a positive or negative flow into our lives. (seek the Kingdom of God first THEN the you will be rewarded accordingly). Yet, a devoutly religious person may do everything their religion says they should do, and yet still experience great hardships and suffering in their lives. This is sometimes attributed to being the will of God or part of a plan that God has for you. Or, these hardships may be because you clearly have not been “seeking the Kingdom of God first”. While there may be some spiritual sanction in the text for these traditional religious beliefs, the precept that you are not a participant in your own life design, other than to live by the rules mandated in order to receive your blessings in this life or the next, is highly subjective and clearly interpretive. Religious themes leave out the fact that as a child and image of God, that you, yourself, have amazing power as well. The find God principle taught in almost all religious belief systems, is what I call the top down approach to spiritual connection. God is above and we are below and it is our responsibility to reach out to God The Manifestation Meaning and Affirmations Definition by following these rules and opening our hearts and then all should be pretty good for us in the here and here after. In the approach, we start with a baseline of separateness and use religion and ideology as a way to connect to God. In other words, we don’t go to church to learn about our power because of our inseparable relationship with God, instead we learn what God has done for us already, separately from us, to encourage us to connect to a relationship with God.

The notion of learning about God, and I mean connecting to God in a seriously intimate and powerful way, comes by first looking within ourselves and therein finding God. This is what I call the bottom up approach to connecting to God. In this approach, our baseline starts with us being ALREADY connected and using our own divine power within to discover and awaken to God and the Divine Universe, which includes the LOA principles. It is in this approach to spiritual connection and personal empowerment that true LOA processes begin.

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